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Hello, my name is Turner Williams aka “Sage of the Swamp” and I have lots to say. First, I will let you know I am paying to voice my opinions cause I have been told I speak plain old cracker common sense. I have also agreed to certain guidelines from the folks at I have agreed that they have the right to deny publishing anything they think is too controversial. I am not PC but I was raised right so I don’t think we’ll have any issues. Okay, now that that is out of the way, let’s get to it.

My first opinion is on the subject of Heritage.
It seems like we are going out of our way as a country to erase everything that may offend someone. Now, don’t get me wrong, we have treated some people very badly in this country, we have fought wars we probably shouldn’t have, and have elected people who did us wrong. But, it happened. It is our history, right or wrong. By not knowing history a wise man once said we are doomed to repeat it. This brings me to the thing that has brought me to a boil…PARRISH HERITAGE DAY.

I am learned y’all a little history lesson.
In the early 1980’s we had our first community Heritage Day and in 1986 our first Heritage Parade. It weren’t no huge affair, but we all loved it. It was probably over in about 30 minutes and that was only because the trailer with the teachers couldn’t get out of the parking lot. Afterwards we gathered behind the school, told stories, listened to music and ate one heck of a meal. I do remember there was a young feller from the paper down in Sarasota who came up and wanted to do a story on us. He told us he loved what we had. Respectful young’uns, family, friendship, and a real sense of community. I ain’t no math major but even I can figure this is the 30th anniversary of that first parade. You would think we would have a huge celebration and parade. But no, our Heritage Day has turned into a damned chili cook-off. These chili folks even had the nerve to say it was the “5th Annual Chili event, ain’t no Heritage there. Not that I don’t like a good bowl of chili but what happened to celebrating our history and our community?  I only paid for 500 words so I have to wrap it up with what I think is a good compromise. The chili folks can have their Chilipalooza and we will take another date later on and have a good old fashioned Heritage Festival. My buddy Leroy has a large piece of property and we can go there and tell stories, play some music and have a heck of a meal. Now, that there is common sense, everybody happy! Heck, I may even cook up some of my famous swamp deer chili.

Turner Williams

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