The NEW HoPe Museum

The new HoPe Museum was recently established to bring back the History of our small town. There is more here than meets the eye! We have so much heritage in Parrish and we want to preserve all that we can. Local town folk from all over Parrish are pulling together to keep our roots alive today. Old pictures, building deeds, railroad images, ancient artifacts, and more…you name it…were finding it.

The old town of Parrish diorama, that has been a work in progress is now coming to a halt, it is a perfect replica of Parrish in the earlier times when life was much simpler. The diorama indicates the actual placement of the town and street as it was in yester years. Some building you might even recognize because they still remain in place today and fully renovated. HoPe has captured the essence, beauty and simplicity of Parrish in our earlier days. It truly is a wonderful thing to behold!

The Museum is open to the public, we welcome everyone to come and tour the facility. Our Museum is bursting at the seems and space is limited but we have great plans for our future endeavor and are very please with the new start of HoPe.

Come see for yourself… it truly is a historical wonderland!


**Antiques, Model Railroad, Scale Model Cars, Planes, Tractors, Art & Pictures, Vintage Postcards, Furniture, Nautical, Comics, Models, Records, Coca-Cola, Year Round Christmas, Military, & so much more…**

Cecil’s Antique Emporium and Museum of HoPecars
12348 Hwy 301 N  |  Parrish, Florida 34219
Telephone: (941) 479-7817

Hours of Operation:
Thursday – Saturday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


behind the antiques

StarWe were pickers before picking was cool. We have traveled to North Dakota where an entire abandoned town filled with vintage items was auctioned off by the truckload. Garage sales in 42 states and counting. Estate sales, moving sales, flea markets, landfills, auctions of every type and size, Ebay, pawn shops, thrift shops and even dumpster diving in order to present one of the most diverse and unique collection of items under one roof. Plus, we’re still buying and amassing more. We already had outgrown our location before we even opened the doors! When it comes to Model Railroading we have it or can find it. While we have a passion for trains we also love the unusual.

Finding the odd, or “one of a kind” is a blast, but unfortunately we can only keep so much. While you may not find a lot of doilies, tea cups, and Victorian era furniture when you walk through the door you will find yourself surrounded by artwork , sculptures, vintage postcards, glassware, Christmas decorations, vintage photos, ornamental lamps, books, stuff, more stuff and of course trains. Plus its always changing! Items are priced to move quickly because we already have more to take their place.