Project Parrish is brought to you by HoPe: The History of Parrish Endeavor. HoPe is a project to preserve, refresh, beautify and restore the historic Village of Parrish. This page will serve as an information tool to describe all aspects of Project Parrish. We will also provide links to Parrish historical pages, list upcoming activities, and make sure everyone is up to date on all activities of HoPE. This website is open to everyone and constructive feedback will always be appreciated.


Mar 11, 2016
H.o.P.E. to hold rally for all community organization heads.
H.o.P.E. is inviting all community, service, historic/preservation, arts, virtual, sports, and religious organization leaders to a team building forum. Public is invited. Details forthcoming.

Parrish is located in Manatee County and is considered District One under County Commissioner -Larry Bustle. Our community development can be found at under two guidelines; Parrish Village Overlay & North County Overlay.

A quick reference to some of those document are below. Click the link below for more information:
Fort Hamer Bridge
Parrish Commercial Village Overlay
Development Projects/Concurrency – North County
North Central Overlay
Fort Hamer and SR 62 Extensions


Commissioner Larry Bustle
Party Affiliation: Republican – Elected 2008
Phone: 941-745-3701  Fax: 941-745-3790
Mailing Address:
The Honorable Larry Bustle
P.O. Box 1000
Bradenton, FL 34206

Manatee County Sherriff Department

Parrish Fire Department

US Post Office/Parrish


Manatee County Tax Collector

Manatee County Property Appraiser


Manatee County Schools

Annie Lucy Williams Elementary School


Manatee Memorial Hospital

Blake Medical Center

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center



Are you interested in being involved in your community? There are many different venues available for everyone. Parrish has multiple organizations that work really hard for the common good of our community.

Below are a list of Parrish Organizations that help our community:

Hope (History of Parrish Endeavors)
Contact: Gretchen Fowler
Email: Gretchen@projectparrish

The Parrish Foundation

Parrish Arts Council
Contact: Jerri Phillips
Telephone: 941-809-5059

Parrish Civic Association
Contact: Ben Jordan – President
Telephone: 941-776-9019

Parrish Village News
Contact: Cookie Jordan – Membership Chairman
Telephone: 941-776-9019

Hope Logo
Thank you for your interest in History of Parrish Endeavor/HoPE. Please email us with any questions you may have and we will do our best to get back with you in a timely fashion.

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History of Parrish Endeavors “HOPE” is a group of dedicated volunteers overseeing beautification projects for our Town. We hope to create an awareness of the beautification efforts of our community as well as assisting with ideas and completion of projects. Our focus will entail ideas, tasks and initiatives that will not only enhance our community as a whole but also help increase individual homeowners’ property value and make the Village/Town of Parrish an even better place to live.

The Committee will work on initiatives that promote the community enhancement and volunteerism. The creation of the Committee will actively engage in community beautification projects. It is hope that this cooperative venture will net greater impact and a better quality of life in the community. The goal, through the Committee’s efforts and through awareness, Parrish will benefit in terms of economic development and recruitment, as well as a sense of pride in a clean and beautiful community. Keeping Parrish in charge of the researching, developing and proposing plans for improving the health, sanitation, safety, and cleanliness of the Village/Town by beautifying the entryways, streets, lots, yards and other similar projects. The Committee will do their best to encourage participation in the endeavor.

 Responsibilities of the Committee:
1. Determine the goals of the community beautification and develop plans and programs for improvement and beautification within the community.
2. Raise funds as well as accept gifts and donations for the development and implementation of beautification projects.
3. Arrange and conduct any publicity campaigns relative to its activities, for better public understanding.
4. If you would like to help, you can be added to the “History of Parrish Endeavors” “HOPE” beautification list by contacting a committee member.

For more information about History of Parrish Endeavor/HoPE, please contact Gretchen Fowler at


HoPE Committee


 Rob Kolanowski, Norma Kennedy,
& Gretchen Fowler
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project header
Historic Building Clean Up


W.P. Frier General Store
Located behind PJ’s Sandwich Shop
Est. 1910


Historic Cemetery Clean Up


Parrish Cemetery
Located behind Brown’s Grove
Parrish Cemetery Rd.
Est. 1876